‘Wish You Well’ – Sigala (feat. Becky Hill)

Another school year has come and gone, and I assume that many educators are in the same boat I am; I am leaving one assignment for another.

As I sit in my new location having just brought all of my things from my old school, I can’t help but reflect on the year and the events that brought me to where I am now. As we wish the past goodbye, it is important to reflect on the path that has been trod. What were the good things? What were the growth areas? What are the things that truly helped to mold us into the educators we currently are? As Becky Hill sings, “‘Cause honestly your loyalties, insecurities and priorities ain’t the same…” If we don’t take the opportunity to learn from our experiences, we are overlooking the most effective professional development available.

This summer, as I return to EDM, I am looking forward to assessing the past year in my administrative role as I look onward to the next. I also look forward to researching and sharing more engagement strategies, as my new role will allow me to return to the classroom teaching a section of 5th grade math.

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