‘Hyper Paradise’ – Hermitude (Flume Remix)

No matter how hard one may try to deny it, the first day of school is on its way. The ads for Back to School sales and specials have surfaced, and as of today, Target is throwing an irresistible bone at teachers with its Teacher Prep Event. We might as well turn our speakers up and join the party.

At UTC last week, I learned about a tech-based engagement tool called Hyperdocs. This tool synthesizes Google Apps for Education to create a learning experience for students full of a range of tasks. Learn more about Hyperdocs here.

I also stumbled across the Mac daddy of Back to School Hyperdocs called The First Days of School.

This Hyperdoc includes a variety of activities that will help students share information about themselves and allow them to get to know each other. This is the first, most integral step of student engagement–creating a relationship!

Get hyped up with your students this year and employ this tool with your students.