‘Shelter’ – Porter Robinson & Madeon

I have the amazing privilege of working alongside 11 ridiculously on fire educators as part of the EdCamp Greenville team. We are the ultimate professional learning network (PLN), and we have an ongoing group text that talks about everything from Cardi B to classroom environment…

It was my intrigue about one of my teammates’ classroom environment that sparked the post I am sharing today. I had the amazing privilege of being Shasta Looper’s instructional coach at A.J. Whittenberg a few years back, and we have grown to truly be coaches for each other, as well as dear friends and Disneyworld ride partners! Shasta is venturing back to the elementary classroom after a 3-year stent as a middle level literacy coach. I asked her what she felt were essentials for the classroom learning spaces.

Well, Shasta did not disappoint. She actually took this prompt and ran with it, authoring a blog post of her own at her site, The Teacher’s Loop. Here is a direct link to her post on “My Top 5 Essentials”, where she discusses building a shelter of learning for her new class of 4th grade kiddos.