‘You Make Me’ – Avicii

It’s time to head back to school. Whether you are headed back to the same position you had last year or a new one, you need this goodness from my friend Thomas McAuliff.

Think back to your first year teaching. Remember all the feels. Yes, ALL THE FEELS. One day you might say to yourself, “I can do this!” and then maybe a few hours later or the next day wonder what have you exactly gotten yourself into. Everybody has this feeling but it’s eventually how you respond. Stress can motivate us to do better, and be better.

I’ve recently accepted a new position in a new school district. With this comes a new district, new schools, new faculty/staff, new….see a reoccuring theme here? One particular day a couple weeks in with all of the “new-ness”, the feeling of being overwhelmed hit me and I had a moment of tears. I’m convinced a good cry every now and then is good for the mind and soul. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my new position and team, but everything happens fast. I spent some time with Induction teachers (teachers new to the profession) this week and seeing the look in their eyes, I knew sharing my story of WHY I have become an educator might bring some encouragement. Hopefully through my transparency, these teachers were able to see that moments of struggle exist happen for all and one great group of community were the other educators walking the same path along them in the room. I reminded them that this group of teachers would be where power lies because they are all on the journey together.

I’m reminded by the song “You Make Me” by Avicii. A portion of the songs says, “we are one…one for sure…all united.” It relates so well to the message I shared with those teachers, and served as a great reminder to me too!

You’re learning and growing. We will all mess up, but it’s how we respond. Do we decide to doubt our abilities or do we offer ourselves grace? Keep working way and making a difference because we have the capabilities to impact in a positive manner.

There’s also support in numbers. Finding a group of educators who share the same vision as you for students. Ignore those who spend their time complaining because that’s definitely not a part of the solution! I’m personally thankful for my educator friends who cheer and encourage me during good times and the bad.

Calm your nerves, collect your thoughts, and rock it out this year with your students, and co-workers because at the end of the day we are ONE FOR EDUCATION!

Thomas McAuliff is an Instructional Technologist for Anderson District 1 schools.

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