‘Don’t Hold Me Down’ – Lökii

Well, the school year has begun, and I have found myself with less time to write than I would like. My goal is to do a few short vignettes when I have the time now that I have so little of it.

With every new year brings new everything: curriculum, systems, protocol, teammates, procedures. It’s easy to get bummed out about the things that are different when one may have been in their groove last year.

My challenge to educators as they begin a new year is not to let the minutia of running a school or classroom get them down. There are so many influences that are outside of our control, that allowing them to get in the way of reaching our students can be quite easy. I’ve said it once before, but it beats repeating–we are the magicians, the creators, the producers! There is so much that each of us is empowered with in order to make tremendous learning experiences for our students. So what, our schedule isn’t ideal? So what, we have to devote a certain number of minutes to a particular subject? So what, we have a new textbook? No one can take away the ability that we have to weave engagement and wonder into a lesson.

None of us got into teaching for the academics. The call we answered was one for children–students and young minds ready to grow into thoughtful, well-rounded, responsible young adults. By allowing pettiness to hold us down, we aren’t serving the whole child that sits in each one of our desks.

Take a deep breath. Hush the madness. Teach.

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